Random Thinking

Being someone first love is perfect, but being their last is beyond perfect.
When i hear the ‘first love’ words, my mind brought back another old page in my diary.
i smile n bend my brows after that whatta bittersweet memories. i can’t forget what had happened, just accept it as part of my journey. to the good and bad things that happened, thanks for taught me a lot.

someone say that I’m too lebay, sentimentil. Well, that’s me. penguin can’t be a giraffe and giraffe can’t be a penguin. So sorry, i won’t change myself hehe.
God taught me a lot, He know how i have that unique heart, that’s why He caring me all to much. He really know what to do with me. Much better than i know myself. don’t care what is your character, Your creator always know what to do with you. that’s the point

why i write this? I’m sorry but the words dancing in my mind, can’t help not to write it down.
Just keep on scrolling, but when you read my words, i hope you’ll learn something from it.

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