Be a powerful one but not the dominant one

I hear this morning in radio
Better go to the wrong way rather than destroy the path
The strongest ppl is not the one who able to do anything
But the one who can do anything but decided not to do

The radiospeaker share the good message to all women
What if his man wrong and after all discussion he still want to choose the wrong path
The speaker answer,
Better you choose the wrong one rather than destroy the hierarchy
Better your feet get hurt a little rather than lost your feet

We’ve just celebrate kartini’s day
In modern life like this
Too many women want to be outstanding
Woman is independent yes
That’s good but please remember the hierarchy.
Don’t let man be a yes mam
Let him be just a yes man to God
Let he be as his truest calling
To be a leader
Lead his business, lead his job, lead his fam

Be a powerful one but not the dominant one ladies
I love this statement a lot,
“Behind every great man, there must be a great woman”
Support your man, ladies

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