Trust His Heart

Dear diary,
In life i can’t have all the answer of my question
Sometimes i ask myself a lot
What did i do wrong
Why life could be that tough
Why it must happened like that
Why life couldn’t just flat

And His voice reminds me
Vell, this is your dream right
You wanna the best story
The best story need the creative story
The usual thing is too mainstream
The ordinary path is too boring
The more creative it is
The more crazy it is
The more u can’t ever imagine why and what next

Okay Dad You’re win
I can’t ever imagine what happened next
I just believe in this
You ever told me this
When i can’t trace Your Hand
When i can’t see the light
When i can’t see the path
I can trust Your Heart
I can always trust You
You’ll never fail me
You’ll never leave me nor forsaken me

That’s enough
That’s more than enough
I’ll survive with that
I’ll happy with that
I’ll smile with that
I’ll fight with that
I’ll love with that

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